wolf-whistling in the wind

what can be said about The weathered stoicismOf the restaurant owner sitting alone among his patrons, desiring nothing more than to just be another one of the bloody imbeciles which surround him. The sarcastic delightOf the ex-gambler who, now in sensible middle-age, games the supermarket coupons and the highway lanes home only to risk it … Continue reading wolf-whistling in the wind

Like a good old friend

Everything half a lie, strewn across subjectivitiesoozing out unaccountably across the Earth. Every friendship a performance,Every love a social contract. And the world a dusty attic of thingswhere soon you too, waddling catatonic,will be all mucked and tucked away,like old Elvis records and owl ornamentsin a low dark space. Desperately beyond telos & before origin, … Continue reading Like a good old friend