A Dream of: Antiquity No. Sleven

His green eyes rolled toward the ceiling, vibrating with rage as if gazing on a phantom of inspiration bathed in flame, as he searched for words to convey his outrage that, at that moment, was causing his snoutish mouth to open and shut erratically. He stood like an actor who had forgotten his lines, and … Continue reading A Dream of: Antiquity No. Sleven


A Dream of: Antiquity Ses

Horror, the pure unrestrained horror. Separate images ambushed and attacked my mind, one by one as if my brain was being sliced and seasoned down the line from cook to cook; a shishkebab chandelier, a fondue of rancid blood, men with pig faces eating pork, tusked women shoving live eels into their mouths, relishing the … Continue reading A Dream of: Antiquity Ses