X-Ray of an Argument | 1

The War had begun. The cheap portable classroom was the battlefield. At one corner was Mr Thomas, looking prude and proud, in the other was me positioning myself to fall into the fetal position at any moment. He whipped his meter around slashing the air in front of him with style and finesse that I could only envy. His brow furrowed closing and contradicting the actions of his moustache which was opening to reveal the deadly wet, maw within.

So Jake, you think Marijuana isn’t addictive?

Yessir, that is my… opinion on the matter.

My voice quivered slightly but I put some strength behind it, after all it was right as a citizen of this free country to have a unique opinion. This mindset was contrasted by my opponents who looked to change my mind.
This boy’s mind is rubber and clay and he must be in form with the norm.

During this time, Mr Thomas’ eyes were stilling speared into my keeping us interlocked and separate from the rest of the room. There would be no help from my colleagues in this battle.

Well, have you experienced the effects of long turn marijuana use?

He was looking for the quick out with this one. I wasn’t worth much of his time, only enough just to get me on the straight and narrow.

No sir, I haven’t.

I was in a corner; studying at a zero tolerance drug use school does that to you…

Well that is nice to hear Mister Barlow, you may sit down.

He looks smugly at the class like a gladiator holding the bloodied head of his enemy to the crowd.
My thesis was correct; he wanted a quick round and then submission. I felt heat rise up my throat.

Have you ever experienced the effects of long turn marijuana use… sir?

A late parry but it kept his sharp tongue away nonetheless. He turned with a smile as fake as the toupee placed on his head.
Rebellion and defiance is the enemy of work and finance.

Ha, I don’t believe that is any of your concern Jake.

I had got him in a corner; working at a zero tolerance drug use school does that to you…
By using his own trick on him I had figuratively slapped the bull’s arse and now he was scraping the ground with vigour… about to charge.

  As it seems you have quite an interesting with the topic, I will go into more detail with it.

I was about to get the horns, there was no questions there. The only question was would I be able to move the red façade in time. Mr Thomas had taken this personally now, he was known longer doing his duty by society but was on a vendetta to shape me.

It is a duller, get flattens your mind and makes it as one dimensional as that window you often look out of Mister Barlow. The one dimensional in that the one thing you’ll think about is getting some more of the drug.

A venomous retort, which stinged as the class chuckled causally. Synapses snapped and electrical impulses shot off and I replied in time.

Sir you seem to know quite a bit about this? Are sure you have had no prior experience?

I said it with a smile which only added to the sharp attack I had inflicted on the Sir. The class laughed and I knew that I was now so close to vanquishing him.

I have had friends who have had experiences with it… I am no longer contact with these people but-…

Well, then Sir, I would also like to confess I have had… friends who have had experiences with it as well. Not that I am in contact with them

The class laughed again, I had won the crowd over and now they wanted blood, the tables had been turned.

You-.. aught to…-

He stopped talking and froze realising that he had been bested. The sword was coming down upon his neck.

I was about to finish him off when he interrupted in urgency.

Oh blast look at the time. We must be getting back to the work.

He pulled his head from the block and flew the white flag, saving face and pride.

Another time and I’ll be ready, to apply something to this conflict acting as a remedy.

I felt the class cheer in silence as I returned to my desk. Another attack had been defended and Fort Freedom was safe… for a class anyway. They would be back though prodding my mind for its weaknesses in order to wear it down to fit it and flatten it in the brick which makes up the Wall of this society.


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