Don’t pester me

A hard knock at the door shook my beakers. Which idiot was it this time?
Don’t pester me…. I stated assertively. Well are you going to talk or just stand ther-…
Shh. He uttered it without any remorse. This will be over soon he said. The lizard or frog thing, I don’t know what the fuck it was- the frizard whatever, kept squirming in his thick, black leather-clad hands. I tried to scream but only a garbled mist came out. The fucker had maced me. This is all for the good of the station, you know that don’t you? He looked at me in what I could only understand as his attempt at a compassionate expression. He shoved the carp down my throat and then squeezed my windpipe. Pictures of meat grinders and mince came to mind. Good of the station… bullshit. I shook my head… or at least I thought I did, but I found my head being forced up. Brief flashes of information sped through my mind, I only caught glances at them. Space carp, nervous system invasion, under no circumstance do you-…. The events finally caught up with me. The negro let me slip to the floor- my vision darkened. He laughed, that piece of shit. I had to get this parasite out of my throat.

The beaker loomed in my upper vision sitting on my traditional bench, with my last moment of consciousness I flung my arm up and knocked the beaker over. The liquid flowed over on to the floor. I stuck my tongue out and sipped out. The caustic substance burnt the back of my mouth and I tasted only the stench of brown, burning flesh. I forced myself to swallow. I could fill the swill deep down in my neck wiggle- it wanted out. All this time my assailant had been on look out and had lit a cigarette. I smirked, but it disappeared as the carp erupted out of my throat with an almighty groan. The big black bastard turned around and surveyed the scene, but he was too late to realise what had happened. I grabbed the remains of the nucleon-engine acid and splashed it into his face, he feel to his knees screaming. Without missing a beat I smashed the beaker into his face and ran the rest of it into mouth. The cigarette he lit was still smoking on the ground, I stomped it into the cheap supermarket floor. You shouldn’t smoke those things man, they’ll fuck up your throat. I could hardly talk, I would probably need to go into surgery. I walked over to the alarm. AI bring security to chem we got an emergency here, oh and better get some meddie boys down here too-… I then proceeded to pass out, falling and smushing the carp in the process. At least it cushioned my fall.


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