He’s awake, he’s awake!

I woke up in an infirmary, there was a constant beeping sound that drilled into my brain. It always confused me that the choice of decor for hospitals was always clean, smooth white- that choice of interior design was currently afflicting me as I struggled to keep my eyes open as the oppressive light blinded me.
He’s awake, he’s awake!
I struggled to sit up, my back aching like that of an 80 year old, lifelong career bricklayer. A platoon of doctors and nurse were standing around me, there brows furrowed and there pens buzzing around screeching on their yellow notepads. It soon became apparent I was in a web of cables and tubing, I felt like I was in some sort 1980’s fetish film but invasive as they were the main thing that worried me was my voice.  Hrrghhhh, I struggled to make even the most simple understandable noise. The fight had fucked me up more than I had originally thought. Still I had to look at the bright side, at least I wasn’t some sort of brain-slave. I took another look around my surroundings and spotted what looked like the leader of this pack of geeks. She was blond looked distinguished and respected in her crumpled white uniform, but comfortable in it as well. It made me wonder why I had never seen her around before.
Everyone back away, give him some air! Everybody followed her directions without hesitation… except for the suit that looking solemn standing by the door. He looked strange, but then again this entire situation was strange.
Mr Staalson, can you see me?
I spun my face to look into the most intelligent eyes I had ever seen, I don’t know what it was about them but they were chilling. there was some unknown inner working going on inside that mind.
I nodded my head in response.
As clearly as you remember?
I shook my head, still lost in those encapsulating eyes.
That’s probably due to your concussion…
She started to take some more notes when ‘the suit’ slid in from my peripherals.
Excuse me ma’am, but we can leave this for another time. I really need to ask Mr Staalson, some questions regarding the legal implications of his assault.
She looked skeptically at him, but nodded. Everyone bustled out of the room, and left a dead silence in the room.
Mr Staalson, you must realise that your condition is very weak at the present moment. I nodded, I didn’t like where this was going. He picked up the nearest notepad and started to read through it intently.
Ahh, he exclaimed, it says here you suffered throat injuries. That correct?
I nodded, and he grinned at me, I started too look around the room for some sort of alarm button- just in case.
As if reading my mind the man in black mentioned,
Oh don’t worry this will all be over soon Mr Staalson.
I eyed a small pair of scissors sitting next to my bed rest. Maybe I was being paranoid, but it was better to be safe than sure.
So it seems that you won’t be able to speak at the present moment, the suit uttered in a gruff manner.
I nodded again, and this time his smile widened showing his sharp incisors.
Well at least that means you couldn’t tell anyone the secrets that in that interesting mind of yours Mr Staalson.
I started calculating in my mind how long it would take for me to snatch that syringe. He put the notepad down and I tensed my muscles in antipaction. He stared at me for a few seconds and then his smile disappeared.
Well if you can’t talk I guess you can’t answer any questions… so that should be it.
He turned around made for the door as my shoulders sagged in relief. But then he spun around on one heel with a thick syringe clinched in his mouth. I made for the scissors but he had got me unaware with his juke. His huge hand caught my arm and snapped it back above my head. His knee pushed into my chest making wheeze and with his other hand he covered my mouth smothering the noise. This guy was a professional for sure, a professional what though? I slapped hard at his face with my free arm but to no avail, the man was a golem. He took his hand off my mouth and took the syringe out of his mouth. I tried to call out but only a quiet heerl… came out. Nonetheless it spooked the suit and he let go of my arm with his other hand smothered my mouth once again, except this time I could reach for the scissors.
You think just because you can’t speak the Agency would take a chance on a maverick like you, he whispered. I stretched and stretched for the scissors which were just out of reach as the brute on top of me squirted some of the blue liquid out of the syringe into the air and tapped the sharp point with a mad twinkle in his eye. Goodbye, Mr Staalson. And with that statement I grasped the thin scissors and brought them down as hard as I could on the bastards hand. He struggled to contain a shout and moaned as the silver stuck through his hand. He controlled him self and grabbed my wind pipe with his free hand. He was literally seeing red as his eyes watered profusely in the pain. The suit ripped the scissors out of his hand with his teeth and picked up the syringe laying on my chest. Ahh well I guess I tried, went thought my head as I contemplated the worth of my life. You little bitch, he muttered as he plunge the viscous metal tooth into my neck. Say goodnight, He said as he pushed the vile into my bloodstream.

It was at that point there was a huge crash and the brute’s eye opened impossibly wide. He slumped off my chest and fell to the floor revealing my guardian angel holding a broken vase with flowers littered around them. I would have to thank whichever relative that provided such an effective bedside weapon. The golden angel yanked the silver tooth out of my neck.

The Syndicate summons you, she commanded as she was ripping out the tubing that was keeping me alive. I tried to protest but that strange liquid must have been come into effect as I went into a strange stupor dreaming of rocket-ships and red skinned men…


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