An Eye for an Eye

Adam was sentenced to murder. In taking away his unfaithful spouse’s life he had sacrificed his own. Walking through his old neighbourhood, he looked behind him nervously for a disgruntled in-law or even an everyday psycho. Adam decided that a pyscho tracking him down this soon was unlikely; he had only been on the charter for a few hours. Mary’s uncle- that bastard gun fanatic Gary- was a far more likely threat. Although Gary hadn’t been waiting when he walked out of court room, he could have put bullet in my skull the moment the judge slammed his hammer on Adam’s life.  It would have been perfectly legal as long as it was ruled as 2nd degree murder. Mary had been cut down “in an unplanned manner but with extreme malice” in the arms of that prick for her work. Adam hadn’t felt any remorse for his actions, except now as he saw familiar faces walk past with dirty glances. He closed his eyes and knew that at any time a knife come from nowhere. Sweat built up on his forehead, the hot sun beat down. His case had been straightforward; the Holy-Judge Gabriel had come to a decision in only five minutes “An eye for an eye,” he shouted as the court adjourned. Suddenly Adam was brought back to the present when he caught sight of his house. The window that fucking home wrecking prick had snuck into to fuck his wife was still open, he sneaked through and began to check for signs of an occupant. Those old floorboards creaked as he stepped cautiously to collect his belongs. “Alaska, then it’ll be safe,” he whispered to himself for motivation. The floorboards still creaked with every step, Adam hated that old house. He walked past a photo of Mary and him on their wedding day and stopped to take a glance, when without warning the floor boards creaked behind him.  He whipped his head around to be staring down the barrel of pistol. The balaclava clad stranger stared at him and stated coldly, “An eye for an eye.”

The Terrifying Tale of the Vaticoon

“I want Darwin’s brilliant head so shiny I that I can see the reflection of the microbes on my face,” shouted the esteemed Head Bravthiest Einstein to a group of interns. His full name was Tesla Einstein and he had several signed copies of the God Delusion with which had traded to obtain his position in the Vaticoon. Tesla loved his work with the brightest and most euphoric in Vaticoon, the leading atheist organisation, he loved it some much that he wanted to climb to the very top of the food chain by whatever means possible. Today was an especially frantic day for Tesla as he was up for promotion by the Natural Selection Council. He walked briskly to back to his personal lab and washed his face in refreshing fluoride cleansed water. He adjusted his supreme matte white lab coat and cleansed the ornamental test tubes. With a euphoric wink, he effectively snapped on his snazzy fedora and walked out the door. Tesla stood by the doors leading to the magnificent Dawkins Fedoral Assembly where he would be judged. His stomach churned like a reaction of sulphur dioxide and carbon lattices. A small buzz called him in (a bell would have been to Christian like), he took out a small picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson and kissed it for luck. He walked in with pride and walked out a Pope Supreme GodStomper. As his first act he gave the most tremendous speech that the oppressed god haters had all waited for. He shouted for the crucifixion of Christians and the stoning of Muslims all in the name of Darwin.

GodStomper Tesla Einstein screamed at the top of his lungs,

And thus started the Bravtheism Crusades that ended centuries of disgusting healthy debate about the origins of the universe and began a new rein of euphoric ban on any god. The laws dictated that everyone must have open methodical thinking, AND ONLY THAT.

Sexy and Swag all in one bundle


Cold steel chilled his bones. This was it. Levi held the weapon to his own forehead. The army trained grip on the pistol was replaced with trembling weakness as he looked down the barrel. The trigger slightly bumped up and down as his sweaty thumb slide on the smooth metal. Ali was his name; he had a mother, a father, two sisters and a Kalashkinov AK47. The soldier in him held no heisitation in shooting down the the boy who was young enough to be his own son. That was 5 years ago today, now heisitation was the only thing keeping him alive. A long owed debt had to be paid, Levi felt the boy him to the next world. “Not like this…” an unknown consciousness whispered. He threw the gun at the wall and walked out the door. Levi groaned as he tore the insignia off that he had put so much faith in. The debt would be paid… but not like this.

Don’t Blink


A giant blue eyeball stared at Ky. It was printed on a sheet of blotter paper crisscrossed by intersecting lines. He ripped one tab off the corner and put the rest back in his blue utility suit. 1 tab for 2 hours. He placed it on his tongue and counted to 120. He looked at iPhone, 16:00 right on time. He grabbed the slosh bucket and placed his He still continued mopping as his vision darkened and his mind feel silent. Nothing, then he awoke still standing. It must not have worked. His iPhone buzzed again 18:00. It worked! He placed another in his mouth. 20:00. He packed his gear away and left work feeling like he hadn’t worked a minute. Driving back in his Toyota shitbox Ky realized he didn’t feel like sleeping at all, in fact he felt well rested. As he was wondering what he could do with the rest of the night his phone buzzed again. A text from Jereth. 

Hey man, you finished work yet? U blink out? Howd it go or how DIDN’T it go ah ha

Yeah it was great. I’m feeling pretty energized actually, you doing anything tongiht want to catch up?

I got catch up with someother customers
how bout in a couple hours?

Sure. bring some more blink come by mine

The slow turning circle eventually pulled into the underground parking lot. Cheap incandescent light bulbs lit up the cave-like parking space. The place always creeped out everyone but the owner refused to buy some more bulbs for the apartment block.
He got out of his car with a slight skip and pressed the button for a elevator. Tonight the lot was especially creepy, slightly paranoid he looked behind him. With sharp intake of breath, Ky resisted the urge to run. A dark figure stood in the middle of the road, he looked like he was wearing a long coat and hood that was swinging in the wind. The elevators doors swung open, the room was bathed in light. The dark figure was vanquished, it was only shadow. 

Throwing his overalls off and slipping into a hoodie he still felt like doing something. He sat in front of his laptop and tried to motivate himself to write as he did every night. Except this night was different, inspiration seemed to pump through his veins. As usual it took awhile to begin, but once he was in the ‘zone’ he flowed into the page with ease. A knock at the door awoke him from the trance. He got up with a groan and opened the door to see the same dark figure staring him.