Don’t Blink


A giant blue eyeball stared at Ky. It was printed on a sheet of blotter paper crisscrossed by intersecting lines. He ripped one tab off the corner and put the rest back in his blue utility suit. 1 tab for 2 hours. He placed it on his tongue and counted to 120. He looked at iPhone, 16:00 right on time. He grabbed the slosh bucket and placed his He still continued mopping as his vision darkened and his mind feel silent. Nothing, then he awoke still standing. It must not have worked. His iPhone buzzed again 18:00. It worked! He placed another in his mouth. 20:00. He packed his gear away and left work feeling like he hadn’t worked a minute. Driving back in his Toyota shitbox Ky realized he didn’t feel like sleeping at all, in fact he felt well rested. As he was wondering what he could do with the rest of the night his phone buzzed again. A text from Jereth. 

Hey man, you finished work yet? U blink out? Howd it go or how DIDN’T it go ah ha

Yeah it was great. I’m feeling pretty energized actually, you doing anything tongiht want to catch up?

I got catch up with someother customers
how bout in a couple hours?

Sure. bring some more blink come by mine

The slow turning circle eventually pulled into the underground parking lot. Cheap incandescent light bulbs lit up the cave-like parking space. The place always creeped out everyone but the owner refused to buy some more bulbs for the apartment block.
He got out of his car with a slight skip and pressed the button for a elevator. Tonight the lot was especially creepy, slightly paranoid he looked behind him. With sharp intake of breath, Ky resisted the urge to run. A dark figure stood in the middle of the road, he looked like he was wearing a long coat and hood that was swinging in the wind. The elevators doors swung open, the room was bathed in light. The dark figure was vanquished, it was only shadow. 

Throwing his overalls off and slipping into a hoodie he still felt like doing something. He sat in front of his laptop and tried to motivate himself to write as he did every night. Except this night was different, inspiration seemed to pump through his veins. As usual it took awhile to begin, but once he was in the ‘zone’ he flowed into the page with ease. A knock at the door awoke him from the trance. He got up with a groan and opened the door to see the same dark figure staring him.


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