An Eye for an Eye

Adam was sentenced to murder. In taking away his unfaithful spouse’s life he had sacrificed his own. Walking through his old neighbourhood, he looked behind him nervously for a disgruntled in-law or even an everyday psycho. Adam decided that a pyscho tracking him down this soon was unlikely; he had only been on the charter for a few hours. Mary’s uncle- that bastard gun fanatic Gary- was a far more likely threat. Although Gary hadn’t been waiting when he walked out of court room, he could have put bullet in my skull the moment the judge slammed his hammer on Adam’s life.  It would have been perfectly legal as long as it was ruled as 2nd degree murder. Mary had been cut down “in an unplanned manner but with extreme malice” in the arms of that prick for her work. Adam hadn’t felt any remorse for his actions, except now as he saw familiar faces walk past with dirty glances. He closed his eyes and knew that at any time a knife come from nowhere. Sweat built up on his forehead, the hot sun beat down. His case had been straightforward; the Holy-Judge Gabriel had come to a decision in only five minutes “An eye for an eye,” he shouted as the court adjourned. Suddenly Adam was brought back to the present when he caught sight of his house. The window that fucking home wrecking prick had snuck into to fuck his wife was still open, he sneaked through and began to check for signs of an occupant. Those old floorboards creaked as he stepped cautiously to collect his belongs. “Alaska, then it’ll be safe,” he whispered to himself for motivation. The floorboards still creaked with every step, Adam hated that old house. He walked past a photo of Mary and him on their wedding day and stopped to take a glance, when without warning the floor boards creaked behind him.  He whipped his head around to be staring down the barrel of pistol. The balaclava clad stranger stared at him and stated coldly, “An eye for an eye.”


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