The Trimming: A microscopic narrative

I heard it but didn’t believe it; a loud thump all around. I’m sure it was just something bumping into us. Our leaf was strong, us cells kept it strong. There’s no way it could have happened so soon. Autumn was a distant event in the future, something that bothered us little until it was … Continue reading The Trimming: A microscopic narrative


Is justice determined by society?

The word justice often inspires a picturesque sturdy code of morals and rules that we all must abide by. However this could not be further from the truth, throughout human history justice has changed and morph with our moral standards. I would argue that a man killing his wife for sleeping with another man  has the same authority and moral … Continue reading Is justice determined by society?

Oedipus Rex: An Exploration of Fate and Human Nature

The classical Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex written by the famous Sophocles is the story of Oedipus, a man trapped by fate to murder his father and marry his mother. In Oedipus Rex the audience does not witness Oedipus kill his father or marry his mother but rather we see the downfall of Oedipus as he … Continue reading Oedipus Rex: An Exploration of Fate and Human Nature