Dark Humour


Comedy has always been a part of my life. In I enjoy particular black humour and controversial humour. Throughout high school there was no limits to what you could joke about. 911, the Halocaust, Racism, Sexual Abuse even pedophilia was all accepted. My friends and the entire student community simply took it as the norm and gave a chuckle. I suppose it was just another case of teenagers testing their limits. But to me it was something more. As somewhat of a class clown, I wasn’t exempt from making these types of jokes. As I grew up I stopped rape jokes went out of fashion and then so did pedophile jokes. It was perspective as well as laughs that I gained from those “harmful jokes” as my teachers used to put it. I don’t hold any angst for the school being against this sort of behaviour but I believe its natural. Jokes that are insulting to other races gave me perspective on racists and their motives. It was like dipping into another persons shoes, but as long as it was just for a laugh you didn’t actually slip into becoming a racist. I liked the feeling of testing my beliefs through humour. The comedic side made it safer and more of a game to me. I was told to grow up multiple times but that was exactly what I was doing. I still make stupid jokes ironically but I now have the strengthened view that races are equal despite the present racist society that Australia finds acceptable.

Much like the bibical story of the return of the prodigal son, I had my values and morals tested and then made sturdier. I was unsure about gay marriage and how I felt about it. I saw the perspective of anti-gay groups through anal sex gags and etc, I realised I came from a somewhat homophobic family and although ‘faggot’ and ‘gay’ are still part of my vocabulary I don’t have any problem with homosexuals and I find there relations to be entirely different from a pedophiliac relationship.

While taking a leap into the weird and wonderful world humour has been my bungee rope in a way. Rebounding back to my old beliefs isn’t always what I have done however, in fact on the topic of abortion I guess I “cut the cord” and I now believe abortion is wrong (but not for religious reasons). I think I have used up all the metaphors I can to explain this however I hope others can gain an understanding on the the insightfulness of controversial humour. This is the main reason comedy always will always be pillar of my life… also it’s funny.


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