Creation is what happens in between freedom and restriction.

A musician has the full spectrum of notes to play, yet he still keeps to a beat. To continue on the music analogy, a band doesn’t allow the guitarist to solo for the full song all though I’m sure it would be very ‘creative and free’ compared to a repetitive riff or baseline. The pleasure of music exists in the contrast and variety of both these two opposites. No matter how freethinking you are it is only the half of process of creating, with restriction being the other half.

Western society has perceived creativity as being a process of freeing your mind, infarct creativity is now used as a word for budding artists. I would argue a carpenter carving a wooden bench is inhibiting as much creativity as a Picasso painting. For sure they are different in their ratio of freedom and restriction but they both serve a purpose and can show just as much efficiency or deficiency in its use.

No object can be utterly absent of either freedom or restriction. A painter can splatter a random collection of colours on a canvas but he is still choosing which colour even if in a random fashion and the distinction between colours is a restriction in its self. A contrast whether between red,yellow or blue is a restriction. The true meaning of creativity of could be applied to anyone and only describes the quality of the creations use. And what does this all mean?

I don’t know what it means


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