“Money can buy anything,” thought the Prince of Nigeria, “Why can’t I find love?”

He stared blankly at his eHarmoney profile; ‘Prince of Nigeria looking for love and to share his wealth’.
0 hits, several messages though.

[You’re a joke mate] from an Sydney.

The second from Vienna [This is just sad…].

Confused, he refused to open any more.
Placing his face in his palms he remembered the words of his uncle.

‘Expand your horizons nephew, the whole world waits for you’

His worldly uncle could not provide wisdom to the Prince now, he was hiking the Himaylan range bordering India…
hunting Himalayan vultures.

Closing eHarmoney he revealed his web diary and blog ‘In Need of a Princess’.


\\ I could fly to Sydney or Vienna in seconds…


he wrote.

He calculated that it would actually be 3 hours and 47 minutes in the jet, he continued writing


\\ But who would be there for me. The world is not waiting for me.


“Argh, what to write next in this self pitying slop?” he wondered.

Closing the blog he decided to indulge in slightly more pleasurable form of self pitying.

A quick click later and [] filled the display.

The Prince glossed his eyes over each scandalising video when for some reason he was attracted to the sidebar.

[Local Sluts NEAR YOU!]

It was like a lighting bolt hit his head. “Why didn’t I think of this earlier? I will compress my horizons uncle!”

He clicked cautiously, but his suspicions were cast aside. A woman was already messaging him.

[Hey Sexy, I live near you at AREA CODE: 3493. I’m lonely…]

“Wow thats my area code. I needn’t travel around the globe, I can tame myself a common women right here”

He entered his name and credit card and began

Pr1nc3 [This is amazing thats where I live]

Candy[What the hell? someone actually replied]

Pr1nc3 [I can’t see a reason how someone could resist ur beauty?]

Candy[Your cute 🙂 um this has never happened before… but do you wanna meet up, we do live nearby]

And just like that he had found his woman.
They were going to meet at a cafe round the corner, he had seen it from his limousine once or twice.

With glee he reopened his blog and finished the post as he went out the door.


\\ The world may not be waiting for me, but AREA CODE: 3493 is!



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