“What a magical evening,” the Prince exclaimed.

Candy still lay on the bed suitability ravished, that is thanks to the secret ‘Ron Jeremy’ trick.
He checked his phone for the time, more offers from Ron Jeremy. Who was this illusive benefactor?
This would have to wait however.

“I must be off, I have my favourite tunic in the wash”

She simply moaned in reply as the Prince swung his cape on his shoulder and strutted out.

“I truly am a man now!” he reflected stepping out into the cold dark street.

A shadow of a man jumped from the darkness.

“TAKE EVERYTHING!” the Prince squealed.

“Uh okay. I just wanted your wallet but-” the man said blankly as he was hit with credits cards and jewellery.

“JUST DON’T STAB ME YOU FIEND!” he shouted his voice muffled as he hid behind his royal gown.

“I wasn’t going to umm Your Highness but thanks.” he walked up stairs clutching the treasure.

Running back to the park Mercedes crying he thought to himself, “My life is worth more than all the treasures in the world”

“I am lucky to be a alive! Quick back to the palace I need a hot bath…” the Prince commanded to his driver.

The Driver was talking on the phone.

“Unbelievable rudeness I am firing you!”

The driver put down the phone and turned around, “Well I am afraid I don’t work for you any more”

Without warning the same man that had mugged him appeared at the car.

“This is the new Prince of Nigeria.” the driver got out of the car.

“This is the man who mugged me!”

The mugger hopped into the drivers seat, “You did say take everything.”

“I didn’t mean tha-”

The New Prince turned to the driver “Actually the former Prince was correct you are fired. I can drive my own cars.”

“Oh… well that is unfortunate.” the driver said solemnly

“THAT’S UNFORTUNATE!?!? I HAVE BEEN USURPED BY THIS PEASANT” shouted the ex-Prince theatrically.

The driver wrung his cap in his hands, “How am I going to feed my children…?”

“Get out of my car please,” commanded the mugger as he plucked the crown from the Princes head.

The ex-Prince was in shock, he hopped out the Mercedes and watched it drive off.

“My mother is sick, she needs medicine.” the driver looked down to the gutter.

“Oh piss off you whinger, always thinking of yourself aren’t you!
That imposter is probably bathing in MY juzacuzzi as we speak…”

Now with tears streaming down his face, “I owe my landlord money, he’s going to evict my fam-”

“Family! That’s it. My father will sort this out.”

The monotone drones of the driver faded into the distance as the disgraced Prince ran to the palace.

He tried to get through the royal gate and looked up to his horror to see his Father and that dirty mugger sharing martinis
on the balcony.

“Father that isn’t me!”

The King of Nigeria chuckled, “Of course it isn’t Jeffrey. I like this Prince much more, he has got guts you know?
He stabbed an old man for bread once!” he slapped the impostor on the back and laughed some more.

“That’s terrible Dad! Let me in so we can sort this out.”

“Oh go away” the mugger snorted. They both retreated back into the palace.

Now the prince began to cry as he sat on the gutter watching the cars go past.

“Look at them they have homes and money and family. I have nothing.”

Not before too long the driver appeared on the distance still sobbing his tie hanging loosely off his neck.

“Please can you help me I need money my house is goin-”

“Shut up” the Prince dismmised him, “Wait… Money… house”

Suddenly a brilliant idea entered his head.



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