My junkie fucker Grandpa

“I don’t want to see him, he scares me.”


Mum looked down at me, “He’s your Grandpa, and he’s hasn’t got long left, so don’t worry just say good bye.”
Dad opened up a newspaper “I am just going to sit outside, tell me when the pricks dead.”
“I heard that you tiny dick twat,” A gruff voice came from behind the drab hospital curtains.
A hand pushed me into the room. There lay my decrepit old Grandpa.

“Hello there my boy,” his wrinkled face scrunched into a smile.
His smile dropped as my Mum followed me in.
“What do you want you loose bitch?”
She rolled her eyes, “Drop dead,”
and left.

Staring at her arse as she left he chuckled to himself, “Just like her mother. Nice…”

“Alright Grandpa, good bye.”

I turned to leave but he grabbed me, his black ring protruding into my collarbone.

“Hang on boy, I’ve got some last words for you.”

He cleared his throat and spat a red flem onto my shoe.

“Ah shit, oh well. Now anyway, when you came out of your mamma’s snatch I though ‘what a piece of shit’. It had nothing to do with your skin colour– I’m not racist–
or the fact my daughter was fucking a dirty nigger. No… It was just your general attitude, it looked like you were gonna be a loser. And as you grew up, well, I was right you turned into an awkward cunt.”

He sighed and grabbed me by the shoulders, “But I see you now and you-…
you still seem like an awkward cunt.”


“You see, you just let me walk all over you. Have some guts.”

“Dad told me to wish you luck in hell.”

“Tell him he can say it to my face when he joins me, they don’t let fags into Heaven.”

“You’re looking at my son, you demented moron,” his voice echoing from the waiting room.

“He’s proof your a bum basher, the piece of shit looks like he came out of an arseh–… Oh your still here.”

I turned to walk away, I should have just waved from the waiting room like the nurse told me to.

“Wait, I NEED YOU!”

Gramps starts ripping the tubes and pipes out of numerous orifices. Shit.

An orderly is called into the room which he promptly pokes in eye.

The nurse guided me out of the room but I can picture it in my mind, his robe slipping off the skeleton like figure as he clambered up.

His mole covered body was in full view in all its nakedness, he reached out to grab me.
I don’t know who screamed louder, the nurse or me. We clung on to each other as he crept forward reaching for me.

Inches from my face, the senile maniac suddenly came to a halt. He had forgotten to remove one more item, his catheter.

The nurse breathed a sigh of relief. But the old man simply grinned.

He gripped the cord and placed one foot behind him, posed in a fighters stance. Oh no.

With an uppercut he whipped the catheter out, a stream of piss and blood ejaculated leaving a spray painted on the wall and on the nurse.

Gagging, the nurse curls into the fetal position.

Victorious he walks over and clasps me on the shoulders.

“Grandson, this is my deathwish, every man deserves to have one fulfilled.
I need 3 bags of black tar heroin. ASAP.” He wiped the spittle from the edge of his mouth and left.
Twirling the leaking catheter in his wake.


I hate my junkie fucker Grandpa.


Part I 


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