An outcast from society: Elliot Rodger in retrospect

Now that most of the hyperbole and rumour surrounding Elliot Rodger has subsided after 3 months, it is now time for a reflection on the true meaning and consequences of his actions. What drove a young 22 year old from an affluent upbringing to gon on a killing spree causing the deaths of 7 innocent … Continue reading An outcast from society: Elliot Rodger in retrospect


Promises of Pain to come

My imagination is a canyon,streams of consciousness carve through the tributarieseroding with each flood.One path is deeply cut and the pain is a long acquaintance. Vivid particulars spark between neuronsdecades in prediction I can seemy mother lying on spotless white sheetsan IV dangles from a breathless beinga stifled whimper. It echoes into the present,the river of thought reaches the … Continue reading Promises of Pain to come