“Franco what’s wrong with the thrusters?”

“Sir, there appears to be some sort of feedback loop connecting the fuselages.”

“For the last time just call me Seth.”

“Yes si- Seth.”

“There’s no need for chain of command when we are 92 light years away from anything resembling a human. Apart from us two- three.” I corrected myself.

“Now try and explain to me the specifics– and hastily– we don’t have time to spare.”

“Okay so I just need to adjust some fuel consumption figures but I don’t umm-” he looked to the stern of the vessel with dread.

“Franco we are approaching Event Horizon do you understand?”
I already knew what the answer was going to be.

“I have to notify you sir that I am not proficient with manipulating the mainframe,
that was… Elise’s job.”

“Well we know that isn’t an option, and again its Seth.”
I’m just a pilot, I’m no captain.
“Franco I am going to hammer this down for you, we are the only two people in existence as far as I’m concerned we are both equals. Do you want to survive?”

“Yes, o-of course”

“Then lets work together find a solution.
We can’t revive Elise again or else we could have another incident on our hands. Check if you can’t enact some sort of manual override?”

“I’m on it”
He jogged with the enthusiasm only a greenhorn would possess in this situation.
I checked the distance to the event horizon. A sharp pain shot up my wrist.
The rapidly healed scar tissue on the front and back of my forearm was pulsing.
The distance was closing.
“God damn it, we’ll need her again… and she knew it”
In his mind’s eye I saw her frozen face captured in its eternal livid wrath.

Franco rushed into the cockpit.
“Seth, you are going to want to see this.”

I sighed.
“Okay lead the way”
I thought it would be easy going when we had managed to get that she-bitch into the cryochamber, but it appears our problems are only just beginning.

We skipped down dark hallways into the depth of the ship.
I reflected that even if she knew we would need her again, I knew with certainty I didn’t need any more scars.

Thanks for reading.
To be continued
Follow if you want to venture further into… the Void.


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