Bitter Thankless

The Poem That Two-Hundred-Sixteen Elements Wrote

Like a flat circle my life goes round and round.
Free will is a dream within this incredible dream.
Incredible feels like the wrong word,
Miserable is more accurate.

A form of carbon, phosphorus nitrogen oxygen,
And finally hydrogen.

I wish I had a brother or sister at my side,
But I do not.

I wish I had a calm father to look up to,
But I do not.

I wish I had a mother who saw my success,
But I do not.

Perhaps it is unfair to blame the external.
I see the action I should take.
The example;
Its form and feeling.
Instead I give low whimpers in the dark,

And instead of the cheerful welcome,
I am given cold indifference.

Life has certainly been a gift.

I was given the genetic code,
Which forms me.
My bones,
and all that makes a wretched me.

I was given the guidance,
From a broken fool,
From a broken wench.
Which I unjustly am ungrateful for.

Perception in the presence of ignorance
Proves their indifference.

Such is my life,
A constant contradictory paradox to the rules I have been given.
And a constant embarrassment to the audience in witness.


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