Twenty-Eight Element Expression


In previous discussions I concluded that life can only truly be defined as a specific pattern, this was the logical end to the materialist stance. However I alluded to the the Buddhist principle of Annicca, which states that the universe is in a constant flux. This statement is supported by scientific research that show that the human body replaces all its living cells every 7 years (not all at once obviously).

I would then argue that there is no real separation between the inanimate and the living.

What is man but a pattern of matter? And what is the water cycle but a pattern of matter?

The current definition of life which stops at including virus and prions. I find this definition baseless and an artificial line in the sand that someone simply decided would be appropriate. In light of this new information I would suggest a more appropriate definition of life measured by degree. For example say a dog has a 70% degree of life then a tree has a 50% and so on, but does not exclude from items we would normally define as inanimate. A river could have a 30% rating while a rock on its shore could have 15%.

Appropriately 100% would be ourselves, it is natural we measure the worth of different forms of life in its similarity to human kind. What other reason do we create creatures of fantasy and science fiction, that regularly speak our language and have two arms and two legs. Mankind has only ever worshipped itself.

Scottish philosopher David Hume argued that humans are irrational in their grouping of items of similarity as being the “same”. This logic is again procured by Heraclitus that we “never see the same river twice”. It is of course logical to name the river for practicality, but in terms of discussions on the nature of the life this practicality is not a counter to the conclusions of this discussion.

However the conclusion can be explored further in that the pattern being expressed by these object is simply reacting to external influence by other forms of matter. You were brought up by your parents who were brought up by theirs and so on. However it is not just upbringing, it is every action in the universe. In an endless variety the cycle of cause and effect goes on. Where did it start your asking? This is the question that has been pondered since time began, and forgive me for using such a terrible cliché but it is entirely applicable to the topic of my next discussion; the origin of the universe.


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