Dreams within Dreams

For a long time I denied his existence.
I battled with myself back and forth.
He was a walking dream, a phantom of my imagination. Nothing more.

Back and forth I would abruptly change my mind and be convinced he really existed (and more fearful as that meant he would eventually return). I hadn’t dared to move the textbook which was still open at the page he left it at. Every time I approached it I expected it fade in nothingness or sift like sand through my fingers.

A realization came after a nervous week of the trying and failing to keep my mind off the Djinn. I would have to summon him back. Immediately I caught myself and reasoned that it would be dangerous. Reason is always helpless to the yearnings of the inexplicable, and the Djinn had certainly captured my imagination as well as my attention. Of course the contemplation of the riches and power which a single unrestricted wish from a Djinn had visited his mind on multiple occasions.

With trembling hands I tried to reattempt the exact events of that first frightful night which I had spent the last few nights reliving and recalling long into the night.
It was with much hesitation I picked the lamp up from its resting place where I had not left it. The oily stench of the lamp was exaggerated by my sensitive mind set as it intoxicated me with its suffocating musk. Before fear could hold me back I swiped the the side of the lamp releasing a spiral of dust that danced in the red sunset that shone throw my window.

There was a the loud thud of a single knock at the door.

There he is. Or It.
With a sharp intake of breath I pushed up my chest feebly and built up the courage to confront the mysterious visitor.
I will take charge of this situation.
Out of the shadows a voice spoke into my ear.
“Hello, I let myself in-”

“AH!” I squealed and twisted to face the intruder falling embarrassingly at its feet.
Instinctively I grasped for something to defend myself, which happened to my the pocket knife I kept beside my bed.

I slowly recognized the features of the man resembling the Djinn this time resembling a middle aged man with a trimmed grey beard in simple plain robes smelling of charcoal.

“It’s you.”

“Who else would it be?”

I was speechless and dusted myself off.

“And you knew I was here by luck?”

“Well you do seem like the one who hides in his room with his nose in books all day…”

Smiling he continued.
“But no I can see through the forms and faces within your house, we Djinn can always be seen but we are ignored. We are the faces of scorn and happiness hidden in clouds which your soul perceives but your mind ignores, when you see a face within a pile of clothing it is not merely resemblance but as close as contact comes to between our kinds.”

He reached out a hand for assistance. I grabbed at it, but like expecting an extra step on a staircase I felt my hand slip through his arm. A sensation of utter cold emptiness overcame my arm, like an infection it traveled throughout the rest of my unsettling my body.

He grinned, “I didn’t mean to trick you out of amusement, simply making a point…”
I got up and feigned offense at but was completely glued to every word he said.
“-you can’t harm me with that.” He sharply gestured to the knife in my sweaty hand.
“If there was somehow a knife sharp enough to cut me the entire universe would likely fold inwards into the wound.”

Ashamed I relaxed my petrified grip on the knife and dropped it, “I am sorry I panicked.”

“Yes, you men are so inclined to panic if your short spark of life is extinguished prematurely.”

“The p-pages of my book. How-” I looked to the see if the science textbook was indeed still opened at the same page, it was the hope against accepting that I was truly mad.

Filled with courage from an unknown source I suddenly asked, “What do you mean the universe would fold inwards?” Perhaps there is some scientific explanation I theorized he could be some sort of visitor traveling through a black hole.

“Don’t worry yourself, what knife could cut an empty space. For I am but a void, I am a living shadow upon this earth.”

“How can a shadow live?”

“Some have said that we are God’s shadow.”

“And you?”
Every piece of information brought pleasure as well as relief to my unquenchable curiosity.

“Even witnessed my kind  forged from flame and  mankind was forged from clay I still question God’s existence. However all this means nothing but to satisfy your flight of fancy. It is better than you running down the streets screaming of seeing demons, that never ends well.”

“Would they burn me as a witch?” I said with a grin.

With a stern look he replied, “Likely…”

Breaking the silence he at last laughed, “No but you would ridiculed. You and I have a better fate than becoming hermit’s from society, God knows I have gone through that too many times.”

Smoke began slithering out of his nostrils as I took a step backwards.The Djinn opened his mouth and retrieved a small black handbook that grew into a great volume in his hand. With a seemingly great force the Djinn pierced the pages with his large fingernails as they gradually opened the book with sparks flying out in everything direction. A beam of darkness shot out from the opening pages which became larger and larger.
“No, we will not hide from the world. For I, Iblis will bring great glory upon my… master.”

My room disappeared into a deep emptiness only hampered by the brief glitter of far away stars which danced as moved at impossible speeds forming all consolations which fought each other and died before being reborn and repeating the cycle innumerable times.

The incredible scene came to an end and the stars formed a face.

“Prepare to create a purpose and see your life as it is,” A voice boomed and with each syllable a star exploded and collapsed upon themselves.

The flames consumed themselves leaving only darkness.

<- ->


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