Linear Labyrinths

I panicked as my sensations faded. Like a fish out of water I writhed and squirmed while losing control of my body.
Resignation overcame me and I accepted; This is death.

“Death is but awakening from the dream of life,” An impossibly loud voice boomed, “Relax your ever hungry mind, I will show you everything.”

Soon the numbing feeling also faded. Like a blind man I didn’t see black, just felt and saw nothing. The panic dissipated as well and a slow indescribable feeling of warmth.

“Atomic ether.” I uttered though I felt no lips form the words.

“You are a bright, for one made of clay,” echoed around me.

Motion began pulling me forward.

While you are purely matter, we Djinn are creatures that shift under the carpet of space and time. You see us a part of your universe in the light and shadow we protrude, but we aren’t truly part of the tapestry. But who weaves the magnificent creation, the angels of God themselves.

You are experiencing what my life is, as a living shadow.

Angels are more devious in there meddlings on this plain, they inhabit- ironically- creations of mankind itself your robots and machines must all be animated. Each angel possess the next automaton you decide to create, and see fit to alter happenings. To an extent you also are plucked and moved by the marionette strings of those above. I used to pride myself on not having my actions manipulated by some overhead being. But then I am reminded that I too am simply a puppet created by His own hand for a purpose. A purpose which,despite the wandering for all eternity-” he grumbled. “-I am yet to find.”

“But at least I have free choice. Your civilization sifts that dirt through the same motions every time.”

“I choose what my actions everyday,” I replied.

“Yes but what are you? According to your science man is but a collection of oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and so on. This is true in principle, each atom reacts with others in a predictable manner. You have lived the same life over and over death and birth part of the same endless cycle. Until now.”
“So this is the first time we have spoken.”

“Yes, I have effectively altered not only history but the future in protruding into your life. This is why I talk with haste to explain the situation. You see the angels will sense soon that a correction must be made to ensure stability to the cycle. There is no reasoning with them, they no nothing and are simple automatons capable of impeccable manners and nothing else.”

“Why are you showing me these visions? And what is the purpose of the universe?”

“To answer that very question. I have grown bored of wandering and wish to find the answer to my existance and also to yours.”

The idea was tantalizing. The meaning of the universe in my possession. Little did I know that the Djinn was counting of this very greed as part of his plan.



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