Clenched Canines

A burning sensation upon my face awoke me. I clung to the sheets writhing from the pain that struck across my face like a lighting bolt.

“Up the dosage,” I heard a woman say.

Once again I sunk into a deep drug-fueled slumber.

The next time I was consciousness I could rise out of the bed.

“Wow, wow, wow,” someone gently but firmly pushed my chest into the bed. The white interior was blinding. I was in a hospital, I suddenly realized. A bigger realization immediately followed as I remembered my last memories, which was utter surprise that I was alive at all.

“You have been the victim of an attack, Mr Gareth,” said the apparent Doctor who was reading over the figures on some sort of medical device, “My name is Dr Bhaji and I will ensure you are fit and healthy before you leave my care.”

“Yes, I remember. But what happened to the man-”

“Ah, just a second sir I believe there are some officers who wish to speak to you about… the incident.”

“Yes but I need to know if”
But the Doctor had left before I could get a word in.

With great effort I propped myself up.

As the two police entered the room I attempted to smiled but failed as the abrasion on my cheek stung with the expression pulling on the stitches holding my face together

“It’s okay sonny no need to get up,” the midden-aged man said.

The female one sat next my bed and took out a small notepad, “Hi I’m Karen, I just need to ask you a few questions-”

“Okay go ahead then!” I barked.

She looked taken aback, as was I by my own aggression.

Defensively the male officer took a step forward, “We just need to iron out some details, we of course don’t think that you are guilty of murder.”

“He’s dead…?” I asked half to confirm that the beast truly was gone and half to say the words myself.
“Yes, you put up a hell of a fight. And of course we linked him to another murder that happened in the area prior to your attack.”

“I-It was me or him.” Why was I lying? I should tell them what really happened.

My tongue stirred not and ignored my mind and let the officer’s confirm the story they had already formed in their mind. Why? I don’t know, intuition maybe.

A few minutes later and they left leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I felt different. And I definitely didn’t feel like a victim. There was the sense like I was fragile, the doctor and police were cautious like I had been raped.

Perhaps it was because I had won, that it almost felt like the opposite. Either way I needed to get out of this… cage.

When Gwen got here everything would be sorted out.

The agitation that slowly grew over the hours as I waited. At first it came like am almost unrecognizable vapor but I soon became aware it was the same smell of rotting fish and sulfur. My heart rate rocketed, he was here.
Without hesitation I ripped the bedside curtains aside to reveal my old attacker only to be greeted with an empty chair.

Relax, he is gone. Nonetheless the stench remained.

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