If you can ignore the cruelty inflicted on beasts
for strong meat on your plate
If you can hide your faults
and resist the temptation to be yourself;
Or avoid attachment to any one miss
and forgot love for the trap is:

If you can bury your head in the dirt
while those in poverty live in it,
If you can save up for the latest phone;
but not save the homeless something to eat,
Or help the single mother across the street:

If you can nod with news anchors
as they condemn countries we declare war on,
If you can laugh as we butcher them;
and weep as they lash back at us,
Or just change the channel to the football, and cuss:

You’d be a modern man, my son!
White Skin and a Beach Tan.
And let’s not forget, have a cigar.
My dear boy… you’re gonna go far.


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