Kneading Rock

Why shouldn’t I?

Why shouldn’t I?

Why shouldn’t I?

This is what you should ask yourself as you make any action towards resistance.

Why does greatness require pain?
The same answer is the same as why the rich are rich and the poor are poor.
80 years. 29200 days.

This is how long you have on Earth.
This is day 1 of the rest of your rest.
Inspire yourself to change… no one else will.

6,000,000,000 people live on this Earth.

You are 1 of them.
What will make you different and unique?
The days of the school yard are over, conformity is not going to lead to success.
The exciting but intimidating freedom you have been waiting for is here.

I can tell you what will be a sure actions that won’t make you a valuable and unique assets to the world.
Following the herd.
I am not saying

If you are capable of rational and imaginative thinking– which I am almost certain all of you reading this will be– than you will have no trouble thinking of the type of actions which will separate you from the “average guy/girl” you have been known as by the majority of the world. The key phrase here is ‘social proof’.

Which lead us to our key question; how to obtain it?


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