My reflection is slow


My face contorted in the mirror into horror. I still couldn’t comprehend: somehow, my reflection is slow.
I was watching myself become aware of this very fact which had approximately happened 20 seconds ago.

Immediately, cast a tattered blanket over the bewitching mirror. I felt safer knowing that no light was entering its cursed substance to be manipulated by some off-worldly force. At length and via great effort I convinced myself that this was some peculiarity science could explain. However, the logic I used was contorted to the impossible facts that lay in front.

My mind boggled at what conclusions could be reached by this simple yet terrifying discovery.

One thing that would be certain would be massive attention, and I since I do physically own the mirror, there could even be profit to be had. Mulling over the grand plans of enterprise I decided to check the mirror again. I pulled off the sheet only to reveal my own surprised face (in the present). It was if the enchantment had worn off.

I was disappointed that the reflection now seemed to be in-sync with reality. A sense of relief soon followed, I would not have to deal with an arcane mystery. What had I been thinking? Making a profit over this divine object, I would surely be inviting some Godly wrath upon myself.

I draped the dusty sheet back on the mirror to regain that sense of security. No comfort came however.
I sat back down on the settee to process and question my own sanity.

A glimmer of light from the mirror caught my eyes attention.
With a gasp I could see a single eye peering at me out of a moth-bitten hole in the torn sheet.


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