On a mirror’s edge


I whipped off the sodden sheet to reveal the mirror. I dropped the cover only to see in the mirror that in the reflection the cover was already laying on the ground. My mind reeled back. This couldn’t be happening again.

I swung my hand up. And there is it was again! My hand was already in the air.
Shivers ran down my spine, it was if I was looking at an entirely different person. I couldn’t resist blinking incessantly, my reflection always a fraction ahead of me.
There was no earthly explanation for this, it was the work of a God… or perhaps his counterpart.

My fixated thoughts soon took a turn into the philosophical.
Was a truly in control of my fate if this mirror could predict my actions, or was I a puppet to this inanimate objects whims?

Before I could even attempt to think on the enigma before me, my reflection reflection seemed to be horrified at something.

The mirror seemed to be accelerating. I was seeing further into my very near future and whatever was there seemed to horrify me.

Watching closely into the prophetic mirror, I witnessed my face suddenly calm and said something (I’m no lip-reader) and then I turned around entirely as if to hide from the gaze of the mirror.

This was unfathomable.

I tried to calm myself as it became obvious that I was scaring myself- I repeated the old mantra: there was nothing to fear but fear itself.
Like two mirrors facing each other me and my reflection were communicating.
Concentrating on the rational behind this madness had an instantly calming effect on me.

My reflection turned around, his face went pale as he gasped with horror. I could tell this wasn’t simple paranoia, something had happened. I watched and waited while biting my nails incessantly what could possibly cause me to have such an extreme reaction.

My future self swiftly walked straight towards the mirror with a terrified expression petrifying my face.

The image projected from the mirror  suddenly was tilted. I must be moving it. A view of the outside mountains and the sea came into view. Another violent tilt threw the view into an incomprehensible blur.
Blood dripped down the surface. There was no doubt; it was my blood.

I could no longer stand having this evil creation in my presence, let alone sight.

I ran over and grabbed it by the golden-trim frame. Being careful not to look into its manipulative images- I decided I would throw this horrid thing into the ocean and never lay eyes on it again.

Running down the embankment my foot fell under a loose rock, I tumbled down the hill with almighty crashing shattering.

I tried to get up to complete my task only to realise that the mirror had been shattered, and among the jagged shards a large piece jutted in between my ribs. The blood spurted onto gentle seaside grass.
I could taste rusty nails under my tongue.

I looked down at my wound and looked down at the shard of the mirror. It reached further and further into the future. I could see my face went pale and bloodless as the light in my eyes left and the bugs entered. My skin turned a dark brown husk as the flies and maggots fed. Faster and faster it showed my inescapable fate. Day and night flashes the sun rising one second and then the moon, until there was nothing left but a ghostly white skull.

I mourned that tot even my skeletal remains would be as they turned to dust before my doomed and cruelly fated eyes.


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