Pontious Pick

Pontious Pick was born at 13 pounds by a white mother. Pick shared his skin more with his father, although no one could compare- except those who saw him running from the hospital. Already pronounced a bastard among his community Pontious, had broken his first rule: taboo.


His schooling life brought no more favours than his birth. His initials instantly became a dynamite joke among the playground “What’s your problem PeePee?” the mean spirited students harassed. Pontious could be seen behind the sports equipment shed mouthing the words ‘no problem‘, the words came out a breathless whisper. Unlike his mouth, his skin was asking for trouble. It promptly changed its colour: to black and blue.

One day in the yard, Pontious whispered ‘no more’ and as if the words gave him great power and came with a vicious nature (which was determined by the School board to have originated from his savage heritage) dealt his oppressors. This event is the most important in Pontious’ short time in the education system. If you had asked him what the most valuable thing he learnt in those dark hallways he would respond,

“You have to be cruel to be cool, babe.”

Before long Pick was fighting against the police, a far more tyrannical oppressor. A hungry and growing lad, Ponty (as he was known, although the nickname soon became somewhat a insult in the area for years after) crawled under his neighbours barb-wire fence and set upon the miniature dogs which roamed through the massive property. He captured a rather round Jack Russell Terrier and was bringing it back to his mother for a stew when he was picked up by the police.

And now Pontious Pick had broken his second rule: the law.

Again he mouthed the words in fear ‘no problem’.
Pontious’ mother found him empty handed, his skin black and blue as the night sky above him.

Pontious hated the coppers and broke many laws in his free time. In fact he endeavoured to break every law possible. Before undertaking such a momentous task Ponty decided he would have to study the laws to know them inside and out.

Thrice he attempted to pass the BAR.

“I would destroy them from the inside.”
He loudly beckoned as several law students politely asked him to be quiet in the study.

The day after he graduated his mother was killed in a car accident. In an effort to distract himself he buried himself in his work as a defence lawyer. He worked tirelessly, freeing obviously guilty criminals into the world to commit further crimes which he took ownership of.

‘Pitiless Pont’ was the outlaw in law and he loved every second of it. The public called from his ejection from office but his cases were always logically sound, he was simply so good that the judge and jury could not ignore his evidence. ‘If only my mother was here to see me do such wholesome work’ he mouthed to his bedroom ceiling as struggled to sleep.

Pontious soon came to realize that although he had broken laws and thrown off the chains of many oppressors he was still on the leash of his own body. He came to accept that he would never be able to rebel against the laws of physics.

And so he accepted the death of his body…
but not of his soul.

And so I, the author of this account of my small life beseech ye to cause rukus in the street, to rage in the parliaments and rebel- rebel as the thorn does from the rose.

“The pen is a long arm from the grave” I spoketh into your head.


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