Jest the kings

The rules make the game. It doesn’t matter what game it is; monopoly, poker, stock trading.

The rules make the game. And we know that in life the rules are always changing. Rules change by the rule– meta rules. These meta rules change as well by metameta rules and so on & on & on this pattern continues until either I run out of ink or breath. Even we humans have had our fair share of creating rules within rules. The most obvious suspect of this intrusion into the natural laws of the universe is the ruler himself.

No, not the ruler which dictates how long an inch is, but the bloated man on the throne who dictates everything but the length of an inch (and that he would if he could). He who rewards and punishes his denizens according to their performance in the game.

We are all performing but not necessarily for the king. If the world was compressed into a king’s court the servants would laugh equally at the jester in his performance. In their own way everyone performs for the court; the servants serve, the jester dances, the princess is admired, even the king is not exempt from giving a performance.

In fact the king’s performance is perhaps the most watched and entertaining. How long has humanity obsessed over the history of kings.


In many ways I feel sorry for the rulers of the world, their laws and rules swept away in sands of time like grand achievements of Ozymandias. Perhaps the king in the center spotlight is the biggest jester of them all, his strange extravagant cloaks and hats, his comic rages and tremendous failures all bringing entertainment to his subjects.

Even with pyramids as their grand stage we can only laugh at the high drama of Macbeth and his cronies.

Long live the king… the poor fool.


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