The Book of Sami

David swung the rock from his sling. It cut across the sky. Clouds held a thick blanket over the world but with a crack, the clouds split open in an instant to make way for the missile. Blue sky poured down and the sun glittered down upon all. The dazzling sheen blinded all in witness … Continue reading The Book of Sami


Untitled #2

I've seen many sights, but not the one I require. I've see many sights: Sparrows stuck upon barbwire, on the walls of a Qatari villa. Pigeons fed beside Caulfield station, on the charity of a lonely man. Seagulls starved and fighting, on the steps of St Paul's. I've met many but sung to few. I'll … Continue reading Untitled #2

Fantastic Planet + Krakatau // Review

★★★★½ The animated sci-fi fable Fantastic Planet (1973) has been re-imagined with an original live score by Krakatau, a Melbourne based prog-rock/jazz fusion act. It was the first ever co-production between Hear My Eyes, a live score screening production team, and the Melbourne International Film Festival. My first viewing of Fantastic Planet was at Byron Bay, on … Continue reading Fantastic Planet + Krakatau // Review