scholia 100

A glance in the mirror and I can't believe this is the only face I'll ever have.

scholia 99

Centuries-old compositions that a man has dedicated years of his life to resurrect before us and I am more focussed on bobbing my head up and down, in subtle movements, pretending to scratch an itchy nose, in hope of spotting that face somewhere amongst the audience reflected in the lacquer of the piano, the face … Continue reading scholia 99

one point three billion and one

His job, Remote Solutions, a NATO associated private military company that has thrived in an era of no-boots-on-the-ground interventionism that has dominated the US hegemonic policing of the world as motivated by hypervigilant corporate-funded media conglomerates inflating their profit margins in the free-market fuelled pursuit of spectacle and sensationalism which has turned the aesthetic multitudes … Continue reading one point three billion and one