Finish my book and love the world, leave the house with a merry word, to spring from grave like Christ on Easter and greet my sourfaced barista. But it all falls down when I do, the judging glance I imagine a clue; Have I badly good, have I badly sinned? And why does my coffee … Continue reading Cavafy

Perspective desirous

From one side of the sky to the other the plane will fly yet the movement of the gum leaves is scarcely an inch, but you would be amiss, to which of these make me sigh. And though the air hostess's long legs strut the aisle, it's the white smooth beauties of snow gum bough, … Continue reading Perspective desirous

door delivery

There're hopes in the slopes, for Sancho Panza in the hills, watching Quixote jousting mills, and ears, eyes and nose - my dog pointed at the one door closed where the excitement enters, and leaves. golden brown crackle under winter's love's blush upon cheeks white snow slush.