terra nullis 4

meaning swallows itself the closer you get to the red center uluru as some ouroboros toodoloo it cries or whatever word they for it that snake burrowed in home is where the hollow is after all.


Love; a guide, yes there's a guide, that star cross'd nonsense has been put away, we take fate by the hair we aren't shy about it hell yeah so listen; get her gabble get the digits put it in the object slice it, I know, I know, usually you slide it but slide it nah … Continue reading neg

restaurant 17

Do I tell the ombudsman of;the chain link fenceor the cigarette mouth,cigarette fingers,fish and chip newspaper,chipped dry wall,disinfectant blisters,take home staff meal,getting cold in the passenger seat,no complaint,only passenger of late,that spag bol,safe choice that,could try something different,could live a little,hard to though, throughulcer thoughts through din,avoiding eye contact with the clock,the hours passing like … Continue reading restaurant 17