Fantastic Planet + Krakatau // Review

★★★★½ The animated sci-fi fable Fantastic Planet (1973) has been re-imagined with an original live score by Krakatau, a Melbourne based prog-rock/jazz fusion act. It was the first ever co-production between Hear My Eyes, a live score screening production team, and the Melbourne International Film Festival. My first viewing of Fantastic Planet was at Byron Bay, on … Continue reading Fantastic Planet + Krakatau // Review

Death Grips Live 05/06/17, St Kilda

The entire concert could be discussed as a metaphor for modern life's failure to provide a sense of oneness, a moshpit is a cheap substitute - a thrilling yet temporary orgiastic state. And I can't help feeling that a DG concert (especially as popular as they are now) is a concept that goes against the … Continue reading Death Grips Live 05/06/17, St Kilda

More than a Samurai flick: The cutting style of Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 film Rashômon has been captivating Western and Japanese audiences alike with its unconventional storytelling of a non-linear narrative. The story structure of Rashômon was considered a breakthrough in cinema for its time, and its influence continues more than half a century on still inspiring modern films and television shows from Star Trek … Continue reading More than a Samurai flick: The cutting style of Kurosawa