swanston st 3

Is it true as Chesterton says that the hammered mangod has more paradoxes and builds better roads, or is it just a fancy of the times that when she googles 'small SUV with style', she commands a quadrillion electrons who obey quite happily, and do they obey because they serve her or themselves?

sway in the morning

there's a trail of ants leading to something delicious, but I've been waiting my whole life for the drunk spins to quit and there's nothing for it wuhans a ghetto and kobes grounded, so I really am placed in time but my son will be better so god help him god help my son.

If Swanston St Could Speak – documentary

https://soundcloud.com/conor-bin-ross/if-swanston-st-could-speak if swanston st could speak it would have a mournful song to sing This is my final project for my journalism major, an audio documentary on homeless cobtructed as an ethereal walk down swanston street. but funnily enough isn't really a proper work of journalism. It was equally heartbreaking and fascinating to make and … Continue reading If Swanston St Could Speak – documentary