An Involuntary Twoism

24/7 Holiday Floyd Rd, London SE7 8BL, UK If Vietnam is the hidden gem of South East Asia, then Sa Pa is its crown jewel! Sitting 4,921 feet high in the shadow of Mount Fansipan, and only a four-hour bus ride away from Hanoi, it's a must-see. Why? In short, Sa Pa is simply sensational. … Continue reading An Involuntary Twoism


Biggums Podsi in the Pondsi

A mud golem of inconsequence walked up to a larva pod. “Back you wap! You wapped golem, backkkk!” the frogsy screeched, his throat expanding to its outward limit where the green skin warps into a sickly yellow. The golem turned around and looked hurt, like a child who has stubbed his toe - but these … Continue reading Biggums Podsi in the Pondsi


Flame Flickering, In Wind.

Broden is a prolific actor. Momentory reflection and deep personifications, open eyes and fasts gaze, darting around the space of plays. Back in the place where grown men meet, the gaze is lost, a game now over, ahem! Back again another brave actor; resting now are all creators. Sleeping stories brewing well in sleep, all boys and girls dream in wells.

Always take ones’ shoes off at events with grass and seats, where long lasting stays are a plausible feat. Plaster them down in form, strong positions, and move the spine round in all ways and rythems.

Drugs: ketamine, nicotine, cocaine, alcohol, caffeine…. marajuana.

Party: play pens, views from above, lobster systems and the firing range, strangers with styles, friends with new traits, messy backyard, destructive behaviours, standard escape and an air of creativity.

…An emotional stew of contemplation.

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Dive off the Deep End.

Lazy Arvo's

The Holy Mountain(1973) is the brain child of Alexandro Jodorowsky who wrote, directed, produced , co-scored, co-edited and stared within the film. Jodorowsky gained acclaim after his previous film El Topo gained the attention of John Lennon and Yoko Ono who put up the money for the production of The Holy Mountain. The film itself delves deep into the world of symbolic mysticism, the occult, magic and its relation to modern culture. Due to the heavy use of symbolic imagery and metaphors it is easy to apply Jungian archetypes into the mix as well. Throughout this essay we will be focusing mainly around the character known as the Thief and the archetypal structures that the character represents. Both in how the archetypes are at play in the film but also the larger representation and expression of the functions of the archetypes. Finally the connections between Jungian archetypes and their…

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