Scholia #11 – 13

My wife is the tissue box next to the bed, and the sex comes on like a sneeze. I spent my life playing dumb to make people more comfortable, only to find out much later that I was the idiot. But the question is not: what is the meaning of life, it's how do I go … Continue reading Scholia #11 – 13


Rest in peace, Gene Wolfe

A great man and a fantastic writer, the only living writer I admired and the only one whose death I knew in advance would bereave me as if I had lost a close friend. Another good one is gone. But not forgotten, the flames of Notre Dame are now put out and all is in pieces, … Continue reading Rest in peace, Gene Wolfe

If Swanston St Could Speak – documentary if swanston st could speak it would have a mournful song to sing This is my final project for my journalism major, an audio documentary on homeless cobtructed as an ethereal walk down swanston street. but funnily enough isn't really a proper work of journalism. It was equally heartbreaking and fascinating to make and … Continue reading If Swanston St Could Speak – documentary