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A three-part novella on the phenomena of execution, the fear of those inflicted with it, and of those dread beings who commit it.

A fictional expedition you may join, as long as you can keep a good hold of your head…





100scholia and verse





Scholia and poetry written
by the waiter, Conor Ross.






Bedouin Dreams of Green




If a Bedouin is dreaming of green he is said to be sick in the mind, sickened by his own hopes and ideals.

This is a short story collection that builds from this theme, its ambition is the violent melding of dreams and nightmares, beauty and horror, contradiction and synthesis.








One bird,
Two bird,
Three bird,

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Papando Moscas

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A short collection of translated short stories and poems collected from Spain and Latin America.








Gabriel’s Horn





A collection of short stories you would kill to have — or at the very least maim.

Fortunately, you can download it for free