A Dream of: Antiquity Sinko

I awoke, was it all over? Had the dream been dreamt? Could I now safely record it in my journal so as to never recall it again? No, I realised, I was in a dumpster. My back was moist with the juices of rotting fruit and meat, I gagged and heaped myself out onto the … Continue reading A Dream of: Antiquity Sinko


The Book of Samuel

David swung the rock from his sling. It cut across the sky clean. Clouds held a thick blanket over the world but with a crack the clouds split open in an instant to make way for the missile. Blue sky poured down and the sun glittered down upon all, the dazzling sheen blinded all in … Continue reading The Book of Samuel

A Dream of: Antiquity the Third

"For starters, this isn't what it looks like." "And what exactly does this look like," she looked over the disarrayed room for a moment. "Probably like I am ransacking your house," I said,  "Or something equally ridiculous." "And you're not?" "Well..." "I guess you're just rearranging all my clothes across the room and knocking over my … Continue reading A Dream of: Antiquity the Third