Dreams of: iiii (i/iii)

These entries have evidently become more than just a dream journal to me, which has become more obvious with each successive entry. In fact, this entry will not feature a single dream but instead will focus on the story of the soundest sleep that I have ever had, it was a dreamless sweet abyss. I … Continue reading Dreams of: iiii (i/iii)

Dreams of: iii

The night before this dream, which is a relatively small dream, I went to a hall of mirrors set up they have built for the Melbourne festival with Lily. I had a really fantastic time, and I felt an intense relief when I saw her, which I was glad to have as I had been … Continue reading Dreams of: iii

Shakespeare and Marlowe: The flouting of magic and genre

The timeless appeal of Shakespeare’s plays may owe their popularity to his apparent lack of interest in maintaining genre. His plays appear to reject the blasé conventions, as reality does more often than not, that plagued his contemporaries as well as the popular film, literature, and theatre of our current era. However, I would argue … Continue reading Shakespeare and Marlowe: The flouting of magic and genre