Museum Man

-- Do you believe in God? -- Yes -- Which one? -- There's only one -- So what's his name? -- God is just God -- Like how you call me son -- But you're actual name is George, that's right! -- George the dragon slayer! -- Haha, that's right! -- Does He have any … Continue reading Museum Man


An Involuntary Twoism

24/7 Holiday Floyd Rd, London SE7 8BL, UK If Vietnam is the hidden gem of South East Asia, then Sa Pa is its crown jewel! Sitting 4,921 feet high in the shadow of Mount Fansipan, and only a four-hour bus ride away from Hanoi, it's a must-see. Why? In short, Sa Pa is simply sensational. … Continue reading An Involuntary Twoism

A Dream of: Antiquity the Third

"For starters, this isn't what it looks like." "And what exactly does this look like," she looked over the disarrayed room for a moment. "Probably like I am ransacking your house," I said,  "Or something equally ridiculous." "And you're not?" "Well..." "I guess you're just rearranging all my clothes across the room and knocking over my … Continue reading A Dream of: Antiquity the Third