Triptycution — new book

I am publishing a new novella. Triptycution is a portmanteau of triptych and execution. As such we have three-part novella on the phenomena of execution, the fear of those inflicted with it and of those dread beings who commit it. The question of suffering has been the most asked in history, but what of those … Continue reading Triptycution — new book

a letter to no one 8

The typical pathol-… the typic-… the t-t-t-… tossed trail of breadcrumb-like pride-morsels now lead Hansel and Gretel back to your ancestral Black Forest: home of: you there Struwwelpeter, fingernails protracted, gnasher hygiene protested, you fuppering fairytale fool: a splooging spell, an eye-crossing illusion, a phantasmagoric veil in which questions of this or that are answered … Continue reading a letter to no one 8

Four Letters from the Life Lived by Oskar Gröning

1 Herr Mathias Gröning, I regret to inform you that your wife passed away during childbirth at approximately 19:06 today, the 11th of July, due to complications that arose from a caesarean section. Despite your wife's death the procedure was a success, you are the father of a baby boy weighing 9½ lb. He has the same … Continue reading Four Letters from the Life Lived by Oskar Gröning