Synchronicity, says Jay Wyszynski to no one in particular. He had just seen two people who looked the same walk into the same travel agency.  For him this coincidence was a symptom of a larger order to which he ascribed the universe, an interconnectedness of all things. He didn't have the courage to ascribe any … Continue reading Crowdss

a letter to no one 9

First, you accept there is no way back. What is lost is lost and not for any profit that could equal the price paid. What surprises are there in this? Should we not think that the real surprise is having thought any differently? Your life is full of events and each event places an impassable … Continue reading a letter to no one 9


It is rush hour in the city and the streets are bustling with pedestrians. The pavement is not visible underneath this milling mass of people. There is no unified movement shared among them, patterns and passageways form and then collapse upon themselves. Yet each participant is a person in their own right. Whatever that means. … Continue reading Crowds

a letter to no one 8

The typical pathol-… the typic-… the t-t-t-… tossed trail of breadcrumb-like pride-morsels now lead Hansel and Gretel back to your ancestral Black Forest: home of: you there Struwwelpeter, fingernails protracted, gnasher hygiene protested, you fuppering fairytale fool: a splooging spell, an eye-crossing illusion, a phantasmagoric veil in which questions of this or that are answered … Continue reading a letter to no one 8