Death Grips Live 05/06/17, St Kilda

The entire concert could be discussed as a metaphor for modern life's failure to provide a sense of oneness, a moshpit is a cheap substitute - a thrilling yet temporary orgiastic state. And I can't help feeling that a DG concert (especially as popular as they are now) is a concept that goes against the … Continue reading Death Grips Live 05/06/17, St Kilda


1984: Review of the play

★★★★ CONOR ROSS Bringing a familiar story to a different medium while both building on and respecting story’s original meaning is a challenge for even the most talented creators among us. It is a challenge that Headlong Theatre faced in their production of 1984 – and it is a challenge that they triumphed over. 1984 … Continue reading 1984: Review of the play