News and Power

We live in a world that is more connected than ever through technological advances. What news we receive has changed and also how we receive it. Perhaps receive is now an outdated word to use, more accurately it could be said that it has changed how an individual finds his news. Of course, in the … Continue reading News and Power


Unseen environmental damage of music festivals

MUSIC festivals can be the time of a lifetime for many, but the clean up afterwards could extend past our lifetimes. Inner Varnika, an electronic music festival, occurred on the Easter Weekend and was held just north of Camperdown in Country Victoria. Typical of festival clean ups is the countless cigarettes butts, camping gear and … Continue reading Unseen environmental damage of music festivals

The Tempest: Act V Analysis

  In ‘The Tempest’, Shakespeare subverts the social buttresses of 17th century Europe to explore the true nature of the “human” when exposed to the natural, rather than civil, world. Catalysed by the titular “tempest”, the fundamental “affections” and nature of each character manifest in slavery and inhuman malignance on the island. However, Prospero finally … Continue reading The Tempest: Act V Analysis