Saint Val and I are disappearing

"What am I looking for?" I demanded of myself for the nth time. Amongst cobwebs, creaking drawers and dusted mirrors - in which I appeared to myself as a foggy ghost from the blurred periphery of mine eye - I rummaged around fervently despite having no idea what exactly I was searching out. I had … Continue reading Saint Val and I are disappearing


An Involuntary Twoism

24/7 Holiday Floyd Rd, London SE7 8BL, UK If Vietnam is the hidden gem of South East Asia, then Sa Pa is its crown jewel! Sitting 4,921 feet high in the shadow of Mount Fansipan, and only a four-hour bus ride away from Hanoi, it's a must-see. Why? In short, Sa Pa is simply sensational. … Continue reading An Involuntary Twoism